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Venture Capital

You’ve gotten your business going; now how do you get it growing? Business financing is one of the most difficult aspects of growing a business. An established and flourishing business certainly has an advantage when seeking to procure funding for expansion. A venture capital company or other venture capitalist may be willing to supply the needed infusion of financing, but this benefit may come with a high price tag, often on the order of 50 percent of profit.

For a company with a hot product, especially one with low overhead such as one-shot software products that must hit the market quickly, or for a business finding itself in a grow or die situation (often resulting from intense competition), turning over a large share of profits may be a suitable tradeoff for explosive growth. Venture capital funding has launched many small businesses into the mainstream, and may be able to help yours — especially if the venture capital resource you choose can provide services such as mass marketing. Venture capital financing should be investigated by any established company seeking to grow rapidly or by new companies with a potentially explosive product or service.

When seeking venture capital financing, don’t forget to solicit friends and family members, who may be willing to fund your business venture for a piece of the action and will most likely expect a much smaller slice of the pie than will professional venture capitalists. A family member or friend who is also an investor may be motivated to help you with your business, since they have a vested interest in its success.

Be careful when entering into a venture capital arrangement. If you wish to maintain firm control of your business and the direction you wish it to take, you must make clear to investors that they are to play the role of silent partners when it comes to management decisions. A professional venture capitalist may demand certain rights, which may include a say in business decisions and how funds are to be spent. Always consult with a business lawyer before signing any venture capital agreement.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 26 February 2005, updated 1 April 2006.

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