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Small Business Grants & Loans

Starting a business is the most difficult aspect of building your business. There are many business tasks to be performed, often few resources with which to accomplish these tasks, and the entrepreneur may not yet have the benefit of being business savvy. Additionally, starting a new business requires financial resources that owners of established businesses may find easier to obtain. Small business financing is available to business owners and entrepreneurs who know where to look and who have developed a detailed business plan.

For example, did you know that, when starting your own business, you may be eligible for a small business grant from the Federal government? Grants, unlike loans, do not have to be repaid, but the requirements for acquiring a Federal small business grant can be rigorous. You must therefore be able to make a strong case for your business model and justify why your business should receive funding through a Federal government grant.

Follow links to the right to learn more about how you can obtain a free government small business grant or loan guarantee for your own small business. At the left margin, Related Links address topics of interest pertaining to small business and commercial financing, such as venture capital and advance invoicing, as well as other small business resources available to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Our Business Center provides tools for small business proprietors and business startups. We have amassed a collection of resources and services that should be included in every entrepreneur’s arsenal. Here you will find resources to help get your business off the ground, finance it, make it grow, manage your own resources and maintain a safe and beneficial environment for your employees. View the Business Center SiteMap for a complete list of business and business-related topics.

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