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Web Crawlers & Bots

Web crawlers, also referred to as web robots, bots or search engine spiders, are computer programs designed to interrogate websites, collect information about web page content, documents and hyperlinks discovered during this process, and return the information for inclusion in search engine databases. Each search engine uses its own set of web crawlers, and at any given moment may have numerous crawlers active. In the case of distributed web crawlers such as Grub and Boitho, there may be hundreds or thousands of web crawlers active on the internet at any given time.

Once a web crawler or bot has gathered information about a web page, the information must be collated and indexed. Only when indexing has been completed will (updated) contents of a web page be available for listing in the search results of a search engine query. Because of the size and complexity of the worldwide web, a search engine may require many months to completely crawl the entire web.

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