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Advantages of Link Exchange

Welcome! If you are a seasoned webmaster, you have come to this page for a specific reason — to learn how Ten Spider Enterprises can increase your exposure on the web. If you are a beginning webmaster or are here simply out of curiosity, read about Web Directories first, then resume with the description of our Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners Program provided below.


Ten Spider Enterprises actively pursues a policy of reciprocal link exchange through its Spider Silk Link Partners Program. Proper link exchange is mutually beneficial to both parties. There are numerous advantages in forming a link exchange partnership with us which include:
  • Link exchange partnership with a quality, high-standards company rapidly becoming known within technology, career, higher education and pet adoption circles. Our business, investment and travel sections continue to expand. Ten Spider Enterprises is a broad-spectrum information metasite comprising over 380 manually-edited pages. We are constantly growing and drawing more visitors to our website.

  • The Ten Spider Enterprises website attracts visitors with a wide variety of interests. Many of our visitors cross-browse, moving from their original topic of interest to other themes on our site. This exposes your links to more potential visitors — visitors who otherwise might never find your site! Our website addresses ten primary themes — our Ten Spiders.

  • More frequent spidering of your website by search engines from a link exchange page bonded directly to a primary Theme Page (or to our home page) as well as to our Master SiteMap and having a Google™ PageRank of at least 3/10. Link pages on many websites are buried and do not have sufficient PageRank to foster spidering by Google™, the most widely utilized search engine. Our site is very search engine friendly; we use a minimum of graphics and scripting and are upgrading our entire site to be XHTML 1.0 compliant. Additionally, we identify and actively block email harvesters and web strippers so they cannot gain access to your website through our links.

  • Addition of your business or website description and link both on our link exchange page and on one of our Topic Pages. (Topic Page inclusion is conditional based upon whether we have a page on our site to which your website directly relates.) For examples, see Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta on our Golden Retriever Rescue page and several of our link exchange partners on our Nanotechnology Jobs & MEMS Jobs page.) We plan to offer Topic Page inclusion as a pay service in the future, but it will remain free to our link partners. (Wow! Now there’s a great reason to sign on. Who wants to pass up free advertising?)

  • Link exchange partnership with a website able to achieve #1 keyword rankings in a variety of categories. We have high visibility on most major search engines.

  • Link exchange partnership with a website capable of generating strong traffic volume. We crossed the 250,000 visitors mark in April of 2006.

  • Reciprocal links on our Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners page are organized in accordance with our website themes and arranged on a first-come-first-listed basis within theme and sub-theme. You are rewarded for joining us early by having your position locked within your theme set. We do NOT arrange links on our Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners page or link exchange directories alphabetically.

  • Link stability. We are constantly updating and upgrading our website. Hyperlinks are added and, occasionally, removed. Spider Silk Link Exchange Partnership assures that your links will not be removed from our website so long as your website remains in compliance with our Website Link Exchange Policy. Furthermore, if you notify us of pages on our site that YOU are linked to and we later need to relocate any of these pages, we will notify you prior to the move so you can update your links.

  • We routinely conduct link verification sweeps on our website. If verification detects a problem with any of our links to your site, we will notify you immediately so you can take corrective action.

  • Inclusion of a promo in our Ten Spider Blog upon becoming a Spider Silk Link Exchange Partner.

  • In most cases, multiple links from our website to yours. We provide a partner link and one or more content links. (Content links are provided at our discretion, depending on how closely your site’s content matches our topics.) A relatively small percentage of web directories offer multiple links to their link exchange partners.

How Do I Become a Spider Silk Link Exchange Partner?

First, check out our Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners page. If accepted into our program, a reciprocal link will be entered here or in one of our link exchange directories. Other links to your website may be added to appropriate Topic Pages on our site. If your website presently cannot be categorized on our existing pages, your link will be included on our Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners page or in a link exchange directory and may receive a Topic Page link at a later date.

Next, read our Website Link Exchange Policy. This policy statement defines our criteria for Spider Silk Link Exchange Partners Program membership, explains the application procedure in detail, and provides HTML code snippets you can utilize on your website to quickly and easily install a partnership link to our site.

Finally, contact us to let us know you have installed a link to our site. We will verify your link and, if your site qualifies for Spider Silk Link Exchange Partnership, will post one or more links to your site — usually within 24 hours. You may also contact us prior to installing links to ask that we pre-qualify your site. This procedure is explained in our Website Link Exchange Policy.

We hope to be able to welcome your website soon as a Spider Silk Link Exchange Partner.


Kenneth L. Anderson
President, Ten Spider Enterprises

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 19 April 2004, updated 30 April 2006.

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