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Website Promotion

Website promotion is of key importance in capturing online consumer sales. Just as the internet has redefined the world in which we live, ecommerce has redefined the marketplace in which we conduct business.

With a projected online population of 1.21 billion in 2006 (the projection for 2004 was 709 million, but the actual figure was 934 million, according to the Computer Industry Almanac) and 1.8 billion by 2010, marketers cannot afford to ignore the internet as a critical revenue source. While online sales for 2003 exceeded $55 billion, Forrester Research, Inc., reported U.S. online sales for the first half of 2005 had reached around $76 billion, with the expectation that this figure will continue to climb as more and more internet users embrace the online shopping experience. As with the introduction of the enclosed shopping mall in the 1950s, the advent of online shopping, just one component of ecommerce, is expected to revolutionize the world of marketing by:
  • Enabling instant consumer access to goods and services with no travel required and 24-by-7 availability;
  • Providing consumers with product variety on a scale never before possible;
  • Granting small businesses access to an international marketplace.
While the consumer marketplace will expand substantially, competition for goods and services will accelerate at a far greater pace. With global markets open to even the smallest retailer, effective marketing will become an absolute essential as each merchant vies to win over a consumer eagerly shopping for the exact product they desire at the most reliable point of purchase and the best possible price. In such a competitive environment, website promotion will become paramount to online marketer survival.

If you plan to conduct business on the internet, it is best to begin your website promotion efforts early. Before you start, recognize that there are many aspects to website promotion. Your success — or failure — at promoting your online business will hinge on your business plan, marketing strategy and advertising campaigns. These three items are all essential elements of website promotion. Business owners all too often forget that a website must be promoted not only from the outside, but from the inside as well. To drive customers to your website, you need a comprehensive marketing strategy and a snappy advertising campaign; to convert surfers to buyers you must display a fresh, well-designed website that is professional in its appearance and suggests to visitors that it is a good place to “stop and shop”. To ultimately succeed, website marketers must attract and retain a growing base of satisfied customers.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 18 February 2004, updated 4 January 2006.

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