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Website Development & Optimization

Why Is Proper Website Development and Optimization Important?

When seeking to establish a presence on the Worldwide Web, your website must be capable of drawing traffic (invitation), engaging your visitors (retention), successfully delivering your message (conversion) and convincing visitors to return and bring friends (growth). Development of an appealing, visitor-friendly, maintainable and expandable website is an absolute essential for the entrepreneur, organization or individual with a point to make or a product or service to sell. Proper website development hinges on many factors, most important of which are:
  • The vision and marketing expertise of the business owner and webmaster;
  • The concept and focus of the business or website;
  • Available resources — finances, people, expertise, community;

Ten Spider Enterprises:  Fast, Expandable, Feature-Rich
Website Development

Ten Spider Enterprises can directly assist you in website development, optimization or redesign by offering comprehensive and integrated website development solutions. Having begun our business three years ago from the same point at which many first-time web entrepreneurs venture onto the internet today — with little financing and no idea of where to start, today we maintain a manually-edited website in excess of 380 pages in size spanning two domains and receiving worldwide traffic.

As we began our website, we went through several construction iterations as we discovered things we should not be doing and made corrections. The rapid growth of our website complicated ongoing website refinements; maintenance became laborious and time-consuming. Eventually, I decided an automated, template-driven process was required, but could not find a system sufficiently flexible and expandable to conform to our existing website design and allow for its ongoing evolution.

I designed my own.

Strategy for Integrated Modular Design (SIMD)

The Strategy for Integrated Modular Design (SIMD) is a programming system for website development driven by a conceptual understanding of what makes a website function properly and how expansion can be achieved without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure. I have been able to develop this tool based upon my 20-plus years of applications, communication and real-time programming experience. Having launched SIMD in Alpha test on 1 Jun 2005, the initial release is now a fully functional production tool which has been used to develop or upgrade over 230 pages on our website, including the page you are reading.

How Can Your Website Development System Benefit Me?

SIMD website development and optimization can benefit you if you:
  • Need a small website designed quickly;
  • Require a large website or a smaller website with the ability to grow;
  • Want to optimize your web pages for better search engine recognition and placement;
  • Desire consistent web page design across your entire website with modification via a single operation rather than page by page;
  • Would like your content grouped within theme sets for better organization and visitor access;
  • Would like to customize the look and feel of your web pages on an individual basis as well as by theme;
  • Require quick insertion or deletion of content without having to disturb the structure of your pages;
  • Desire web pages which can be modified sectionally without disrupting the remaining page layout;
  • Would like some content on your web pages to change with each page refresh;
  • Have a requirement for distribution of content across multiple domains.

How Does Your Website Development System Work?

SIMD makes use of modular building block templates combined within an integrated and controlled framework to achieve a variety of web page structures depending upon how the templates are deployed. Imagine, if you will, a prefabricated home. Sections can be fitted onto the home to custom build to your individual specifications. If you have a unique requirement not available in one of the prefab sections, or modules, a special module can be constructed for you and fitted into the existing structure without requiring redesign of the entire home.

SIMD works in a similar manner, tying together individual templates to build web pages, then tying these pages together into groups to create a tightly-integrated website structure. Unlike most website design tools, including the more expensive and well-known ones, SIMD permits a nearly limitless variety of web page designs within a search-engine-friendly and browser-compatible XHTML- and CSS-compliant framework without using HTML frames.

What Are the Advantages of SIMD?

There are numerous advantages to be gained through use of the SIMD system. Foremost among these is the ability to selectively modify individual web pages, portions of web pages, groups of pages falling within a specific theme, or entire websites in rapid fashion. With appropriate templates in place, uniform changes to a website containing hundreds of pages can be performed within minutes. Using SIMD, a portion of a web page can be reconstructed without potentially altering the appearance and behavior of the remainder of the page.

Other website development and optimization features of SIMD include:
  • The ability to alter content on a dated basis or randomly with each page refresh; this feature is especially useful for web publishers desiring to rotate images or ad content. Photo images, graphics and text blocks can be intermixed within the rotation cycle. While the rotation is random, specific content can be made to appear more frequently if desired. SIMD does not rely upon JavaScript, making it compatible with all browsers, but can readily incorporate JavaScript into its structure.
  • Validation of all SIMD-generated code as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0 compliant under W3C. This assures that your web pages will be readable by a wide variety of browsers as well as by search engine spiders (bots).
  • Generation of proper META tags to further assure that your web pages are fully compliant and search engine friendly.
  • Inclusion of a master sitemap, regional (theme-based) sitemaps, or both as a standard website development feature.
  • The ability to incorporate pages from multiple domains within a single encompassing website structure. A master or directory website can be constructed which references others, or two or more websites can be interlaced on a themed basis.
  • Seamless integration with pMachine Pro™ blog software. pMachine Pro™ is free stand-alone blogging software that ranks with the best blog software on the market today.
  • The ability to integrate a website statistics package (web counter) within your site. We currently support two full-featured web counters, including one free web counter.
  • Installation of robots.txt and .htaccess files on your server as a standard part of the development package.
  • Inclusion of a screening facility which automatically blocks bad bots and malicious IP addresses we have identified, preventing them from compromising your published web page content and email addresses.
  • Automatic and immediate webmaster email notification if a web page does not perform properly due to improper code configuration.
  • You are not permanently bound to the system, although site maintenance and upgrade without SIMD in place will return to a conventional mode and dynamic functionality will not be available.
  • Varying levels of support depending upon your method of utilization.
    • WEBMASTERING:  We provide all website support except for that routinely afforded by your hosting service. We provide full website development except for content creation, including integration of your content into the website. We offer proofreading as a standard part of initial website development. Subhosting is available as an option at this level, as is content creation. An ongoing minimum monthly fee is charged following initial website development.
    • MAINTENANCE:  We provide all Webmastering functions listed above EXCEPT modification and uploading of content pages to the host server when content-only changes are involved. Subhosting is not available at this level. If you make frequent text-only content changes and feel comfortable uploading files to your server, you can save some webmastering costs by employing this option, at our discretion.
    • DESIGN ONLY:  We provide full website development on our system, then turn over the completed XHTML pages to you. Once you approve the final product, the contract is considered complete and you install the code as you see fit. At this level, only XHTML pages will be provided to you and no dynamic functionality (such as content rotation) can be enabled. Installation and maintenance will be your responsiblity or may be contracted at our standard hourly rate.

What Are the Requirements and Limitations of SIMD?

SIMD requires your web hosting provider to run UNIX and Apache on your server. Additionally, PHP 4 must be installed on your server, as SIMD is a PHP-based system. We must be granted FTP access to your web server account (for Webmastering and Maintenance support levels). Because our system is proprietary, you may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (for Webmastering and Maintenance support levels only).

We do not perform graphic design. However, graphics can be incorporated into portions of the SIMD website structure.

SIMD is not presently configured for database usage or access. We will be implementing mySQL database capability in a future release. SIMD is not presently configured for ecommerce. We will be implementing ecommerce functionality in a future release.

I Want You to Build My Website. How Do I Contact You?

SIMD is a remarkable system for website development and optimization. It employs sophisticated programming techniques to render a flexible, highly expandable and infinitely diverse solution to your webmastering needs. When combined with our Rapid Website Prototyping and Deployment model, a fully functional website (requiring only content insertion) can be brought online within hours. If you are interested in having a website developed using SIMD, please email the Spidermaster (using the Contact Us link at the top right of any page) through this website for details and price quotation. Specify SIMD Website Request as the Subject Line of your email.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson, President, Ten Spider Enterprises.  Original article published 30 January 2006.

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