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Web Hosting Providers

Internet business, often referred to as ecommerce, has distinct advantages. Your overhead is low, you don’t need a storefront — in fact, all you need is a computer — right? Well ... not quite. Established internet entrepreneurs and brick and mortar businesses selling product on the Worldwide Web know that internet sales do not come easily. You must work hard to attract visitors to your website and even harder to convince them to buy.

An attractive website with a focused theme is essential for promoting your internet business. Central to your website’s success is reliable, responsive web hosting. While a web hosting provider, or web host, need not be expensive, this is one facet of your business on which you do not want to pinch pennies. The internet is rife with horror stories of up-and-coming entrepreneurs whose business plans were delayed or derailed at the hands of an incompetent web hosting provider.

Once you sign on with a web hosting service, if it turns out not to be to your liking, you may find yourself stuck with that web host for months. This is because, when moving to a new website hosting provider, you must execute a domain name transfer, which is a transfer of control of your domain name (URL) to a new governing domain registrar. Newly assigned domain names are ineligible for domain name transfer for a period of sixty (60) days; additionally, a registrar lock can be placed on a domain name (for various reasons, one of which is non-payment of fees) which prevents transfer of the domain name until the lock is removed by the governing domain registrar.

How do you find a well-established, reputable and reliable internet business or ecommerce website hosting provider? Adequate research will help; word of mouth from reliable sources is better, since statistics can never substitute for hands-on experience. (For example, a guarantee by a web hosting provider of 99+ percent server uptime is essentially meaningless if communication links are slow or unreliable.)

Let us help. We have direct experience with two excellent web hosting providers — NovaHosting and Whether you are an aspiring webmaster or a seasoned pro, one of these web hosting services will provide the internet business or ecommerce web hosting solution you require together with the quality of service you deserve.

Ten Spider Enterprises chose NovaHosting as its web host on February 10, 2003; we have never regretted the decision. NovaHosting is a high-quality internet business web hosting provider — a family-run operation established in 1997. NovaHosting provides ecommerce services including secure server connectivity. Their customer service is excellent and you can pay for services on a monthly basis. You can also start small and upgrade as you grow.

A former business associate of ours chose as his web hosting service in 2003. He knew nothing about website building or HTML and needed an ecommerce website hosting provider capable of providing tools and templates that would enable him to build a website and establish a web presence quickly on a short learning curve. SiteSell delivered; he is quite pleased with the result and has been able to achieve high search engine placement very quickly. SiteSell services must be purchased on an annual basis.

Both NovaHosting and SiteSell can be examined or purchased using the links provided to the right. Ten Spider Enterprises is a SiteSell affiliate. If you decide to sign on with NovaHosting, please let them know we sent you their way. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the ecommerce solutions and small business resources you require so that your ride will be smooth as you motor along the information superhighway.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 31 December 2003, updated 9 January 2006.

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