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Browser-Based Website Traffic Exchange

A good webmaster always strives to increase website traffic. After all, what good is your website if no one visits? Increased website traffic is especially critical for ecommerce websites. Numerous methods exist to increase website traffic, which I loosely identify as website traffic generators.

Website Traffic Generators

For those of you not familiar with website traffic generators, a website traffic generator is any method utilized to direct visitor traffic flow to your website(s). In this context, search engines, link exchange, opt-in mailing lists, traffic exchange and other means of procuring traffic, including word of mouth, can be considered to be website traffic generators. Our discussion here focuses upon website traffic exchange.

Website Traffic Exchange

Website traffic exchange is “a means of directing visitor traffic flow to your website in exchange for viewing other websites.” There are basically three types of website traffic exchange that meet this definition: browser-based website traffic exchange; web-based website traffic exchange; and website traffic augmenters. Website traffic exchange works on the general principle that, as you view websites belonging to a group membership, you are rewarded with credits that can be exchanged for views of your website by other members. Website traffic exchange refers both to the method of acquiring website traffic defined above and to services implementing this methodology.

A browser-based website traffic exchange is one which, when opened as the start page in your web browser, enables you to surf other websites on a timed, rotating basis. A web-based website traffic exchange is one which will open another website when yours is viewed, often as a pop-under when a visitor leaves your site. A website traffic augmenter is software that enables you to increase the frequency or quantity of viewable web pages. Traffic rotators and browsers capable of opening multiple simultaneous windows can be categorized as augmenters. Both browser-based and web-based website traffic generators employ traffic rotator functionality within their design.

Marketing-based website traffic exchange deserves mention. This traffic exchange technique relies upon membership sign-up or direct purchase to aggregate credits for website viewing. This type of website traffic exchange generally takes the form of either a pure marketing system or an affiliate program. Marketing-based website traffic exchange is more limited than website traffic exchange as defined above, since you must pay for credits, build a downline, or do both to receive website views. Some derivations of marketing-based website traffic exchange offer advantages for power webmasters. As an example, a service may permit you to sell at a price you choose or to give away (as rewards or for incentive programs) credits to non-members; the service could then handle the details of credit transfer and website viewing in a way that makes it appear you are running the show. However, if you are seeking free website traffic, it is best to look elsewhere. It should be noted that many of the browser-based and website-based traffic exchanges also reward you with credits for signing affiliate members.

Browser-based website traffic exchanges and web-based website traffic exchanges both have distinct advantages. If your website is not seeing many hits and your budget does not permit an effective advertising campaign, you should almost certainly begin to increase website traffic (apart from attempting to generate search engine traffic, which is extremely important) through use of browser-based website traffic exchange. The obvious advantage here is that you control the number of hits you receive by how frequently you surf member websites. If your site is already the beneficiary of considerable traffic but you would like more, a web-based website traffic exchange is a low-maintenance way to proceed; such traffic exchange frees you from the time-consuming tedium of clicking for hits. Combining both forms can significantly increase the volume of traffic reaching your website.

Pros & Cons of Browser-Based Website Traffic Exchange

A web-based website traffic exchange should possess the following attributes:
  • It should be a free service (Intense competition so dictates.);
  • It should not be fully automated or permit automated viewing;
  • It should provide not less than a 1-for-2 viewing ratio — that is, you should receive at least one view of your web page by a visitor for every two website views you perform;
  • It should permit you to select multiple websites or multiple pages within your website for member viewing;
  • It should display your web page to a visitor for not less than 20 to 30 seconds;
  • It should be user friendly;
  • It should employ some form of “anti-cheat” mechanism;
  • It should provide initial bonus credits upon sign-up to get you started fast;
  • It should incorporate an affiliate program and reward you with residual credits for participation of affiliates you sponsor;
  • It should permit you to categorize your site content and to specify what types of sites you would like to view;
  • Its terms of use will restrict the number of allowable pop-up windows, usually to only one, and will not permit that pop-up to spawn additional pop-ups;
  • Its terms of use will prohibit websites containing provocative content such as nudity and warez;
  • Its terms of use should permit sites to be displayed only in a single language common to the combined membership.
Additionally, some browser-based website traffic generators such as enable you to provide a site description that surfers can read to predetermine whether or not your site is of interest to them. This results in more targeted traffic and helps to preserve surfing credits so that they can be put to optimal use.

WARNING:  Surfing the web is inherently dangerous. Surfing for hits greatly increases the risk by exposing your PC to significantly more website and pop-up content. Furthermore, crackers, spyware installers and others attempting to exploit security vulnerabilities view website traffic exchanges as fertile ground in which to ply their “craft”. Therefore, before you begin, be certain your system is adequately protected against viruses, crackers and spyware. See Spyware Removers & Antispyware for more information and Computer Security Software for free anti-virus, firewall and anti-cookie/anti-spyware software.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 30 April 2003, updated 11 September 2005.

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