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Export Financing

International trade is the exchange of goods and services between countries. Tremendous international trade opportunities exist in today’s global marketplace. Even small business owners, who in years past found it nearly impossible to penetrate foreign markets without an in-demand niche product, can now participate in the international trade arena.

The enhanced ability to trade internationally has been brought about by four confluent factors:
  • Easing of world tensions (a result of Cold War curtailment following the collapse of the Soviet Union) and subsequent relaxation of border restrictions between countries, as evidenced by the European Union (EU) and NAFTA;
  • Improved living standards within many Third World countries sparked by industrialization and a resultant demand for consumer items;
  • Rapid technological advances in the fields of computerization and communication (triggered by military and space initiatives);
  • Development of a unified, coherent methodology for conducting business electronically — the Internet and secure data transmission standards.
The advent of ecommerce, the ability to effect mercantile transactions electronically through use of the Internet, has been a boon to small business owners both domestically and internationally. It is now possible for someone with no prior business experience to establish a home business and market products and services internationally through Affiliate Programs within a matter of days following business startup. Never before has such an achievement been possible. Of course, being able to market successfully on an international scale is still quite difficult. Language barriers, cultural differences, currency exchange rates and the morass of international trade laws that must be negotiated dissuade many competent businessmen and businesswomen from taking the plunge into international trade. This is unfortunate, since the rewards to be gained in the international trade arena are quite lucrative.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 26 January 2004, updated 20 July 2005.

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