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Inventions & Patents

Whether you are just starting your business or have been operating successfully for years, it is absolutely essential that you protect intellectual property you own. National and international patent laws, trademark laws and copyright laws have been established to protect the intellectual property rights of individuals and businesses.

There are few things more disheartening than discovering that your unique and successful concept, design, invention or product has been stolen or copied, then learning that you have no recourse because you failed to properly safeguard your valued intellectual property. While strict interpretation of patent laws usually requires the assistance of a registered patent attorney, it is essential that you know the basic precepts governing patent law as well as the potential application of patent law to and effect of patent law upon your business.

Being aware of patent law and its repercussions is also critical to designers, developers, engineers and scientists who work in any capacity for business, industry or government and may wish to claim rights to designs or inventions they create or have a hand in creating. These individuals may discover that they have relinquished all rights to their creations because these creations were developed while employed or through the use of company resources. In some cases, an employer may claim patent rights to employee inventions or designs not related to their work merely as a consequence of employment. You must know the law!

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