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Commercial Fuel Prices - Heating Oil, Natural Gas, Gasoline

With heating and energy on everyone’s mind, you undoubtedly know that, if you use oil to heat your business premises, you can save substantial money depending upon what season of the year you choose to initially fill your tanks. The price of heating oil varies seasonally due to changes in supply and demand. Of course, other real factors (such as crude oil supply disruptions, refinery downtime, quantity of heating oil versus gasoline and diesel fuel being refined) and perceptions (such as the fear in early 2003 that war with Iraq would cut off the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf) influence prices. Fill your tanks during the “off” season to save some cash.

Other commodities such as gasoline, diesel fuel and natural gas behave in a manner similar to heating oil. You may be able to negotiate long-term contracts for these consumables at reduced rates, especially when taking advantage of seasonality and long-term market trends.

Fuel prices have both direct and indirect consequences for businesses of all sizes. Directly, fuel prices most noticeably impact businesses’ heating and cooling costs and fleet (vehicle) fueling. Manufacturers can be severely affected by fuel price fluctuations because they may rely heavily upon fuel oil or natural gas to fire boilers and furnaces. Indirectly, all businesses are affected by surcharges added to electric rates, shipping rates and commercial air fares.

We have included current one-year spot price charts for crude oil, unleaded gasoline, heating oil and natural gas courtesy of WTRG Economics so you can observe the price fluctuations these products undergo. Remember that the prices you see here are raw; they do not include taxes, transport and other fuel charges.

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