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Business to Business (B2B)

Business to business, or B2B, is defined as a business transaction between two companies. While on its face business to business sounds little different than business to consumer — just grander in scale — in reality these two types of exchanges necessitate entirely different sets of products, marketing, logistics, support, and laws. Business to business transactions may be structured differently, sometimes taking the form of an exchange of services (which must somehow be quantified) or joint venture. Frequently, business to business transactions require contractual agreements.

Business to business transactions vary considerably with respect to sizes of the entities involved. While a consumer is a consumer, a business can vary in scope from multi-national corporation down to sole proprietorship. By the same token, the size disparity between parties can vary substantially. Thus, we may find at one extreme a complex joint venture between two mega-corporations and at the other two sole proprietors exchanging business services in a mutual arrangement. Between these two extremes we discover a mom-and-pop store selling office supplies to the local division of a large corporation and a small private contractor bidding a subcontract being farmed out by that same corporation as a portion of a larger Federal government contract.

While the Business Center is primarily devoted to home business and small business, we endeavor to provide business resources and information to those who choose to “think large” and may wish to engage in larger-scale business to business operations. At the same time, larger companies may choose to utilize our site as a quick and convenient vehicle for locating resources required right away or in relatively small quantities. The latter can most likely be found by visiting our Business Maintenance section. Our Business Trends Topic Page includes links to news articles and other information we consider to be of interest to the business community at large.

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