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Business plan resources can be of great benefit when starting a business. A small business business plan can help you choose the direction you want your new business to take. You can obtain business financing more easily if you have a business plan. Business economy event planning and business continuity planning strategy both require a comprehensive business plan to be effective.

Organization is key to the success of any business. A business plan is a customized blueprint describing why you are creating your business and detailing exactly how you intend to make your business succeed. While business plans may differ somewhat due to factors such as size and scope of the business, in general, your business plan should possess the following key elements:
  • Executive Summary - A succinct description of the other sections of the plan, highlighting key points;

  • Business Description - A strategic overview of your company, including
    • Its organizational structure,
    • The goals of your business,
    • The business opportunity you seek to exploit,
    • Products or services you intend to deliver,
    • Unique qualities that make your business likely to succeed;

  • Competitive Analysis - Evaluation of the market(s) in which your company will be competing, including
    • Size, both in units and currency, of each target market,
    • The demographics of your target market,
    • Demographic, economic and industry trends that affect or may affect your target market,
    • Number and size of competitors and how aggressively they target your market,
    • Barriers or incentives to entry into your target market,
    • How your company is favored or hindered by its competitive position;

  • Marketing Plan - Strategy for penetrating your target market(s)
    • Product specifications,
    • Product pricing as it relates to consumer acceptance, final cost of product and competitor pricing,
    • How you plan to introduce your product or service into the marketplace,
    • How your company can position itself to penetrate target markets,
    • How you plan to drive long-term sales,
    • How you intend to generate recurring income,
    • Advertising campaigns, product promotions and service exchange agreements;

  • Design and Development Plan - Methodology for taking idea from concept to reality
    • Description of work,
    • Cost assessment,
    • Resource requirements - Expertise, manpower, equipment, materials, software
    • Your current development status,
    • The expected completion date,
    • Factors that could delay or compromise completion,
    • Procedures for protection of proprietary information and technologies.

If you need business plan software or you wish to look for a sample business plan, Palo Alto Software offers the best small business business plan software available to you as well as over 60 free sample business plans online and over 500 sample business plans included with the package. If you are serious about your business, you should investigate business plan software to quickly and accurately create a successful business plan.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 15 January 2004, updated 27 July 2006.

Our Business Plan Resource section provides business plan information and resources you can use for successfully starting a business and for maximizing the potential and profitability of your existing business. Each business plan resource you find here, such as business plan software, free sample business plans, and related topics such as business economy event planning and business continuity planning strategy can help you build your business. Business Plan Resource listings in other sections of the Business Center reference the Business Plan Resource section.

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