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Business Incorporation & Incorporating - Incorporate Your Business Online

A corporation is a legal entity granted authority by a federal, state or provincial government. A primary reason for forming a corporation, or incorporating, is the concept of limited risk. There are, however, many other reasons to incorporate a business, such as the ability to issue stock. See Business Incorporation & Incorporating - Forms of Corporations for more details on corporations.

Because a corporation is a complex legal entity, it is more expensive and more complicated to set up and operate than a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability company. A corporate charter, otherwise known as articles of incorporation, which describes the purpose, place of business and other details of the pending corporation, must be drawn up and filed with required fees in the state or province where incorporation is to occur.

Despite the complexity of incorporating a business, it is possible to incorporate your business online without a lawyer. If you are thinking of incorporating in a state other than the one in which you are located or perform the majority of your business, and just to be sure you understand the requirements for incorporation, you might want to confer with an attorney specializing in incorporation.

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