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Bot Watch - Recently-Detected Web Spiders & Bots

Mammoth/0.1 -- This bot spiders websites for an experimental search engine owned by S.L.I. Systems, Inc. The User Agent string for this bot contains the URL of the company website. Since I could find no information relating to the bot on the website, I decided to call the company using their toll free telephone number.

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My Friday afternoon call to Support appeared to be routed to London, England, then, upon stating my question, rerouted to New Zealand (where it was early Saturday morning) and promptly answered by Shaun. Shaun explained the experimental nature of the search engine Mammoth services, asked if the bot was causing any trouble or if I would like to have it not visit our website, and gave me his email address. He also responded quickly to an email I sent him informing him that I had granted Mammoth access to our website.

My evaluation of Mammoth/0.1 is that it is a non-threatening bot operated by a bona fide company with, at least in this case, excellent response time. It was a pleasure speaking with Shaun, who also hosts a blog in which he describes features of search solutions offered by S.L.I. Systems and discusses hot topics related to search technology. Hopefully (after reading this), he'll include a post about Mammoth.

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Posted by: The Spidermaster on Jul 23, 06 | 5:45 pm | Profile

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