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Bot Watch - An Annoying Little Bot

OK, time for a less serious look at the serious subject of "bad bots". The bot named "bot" is, simply put, an annoying little bot! This crawler comes in two flavors. The first, identifying itself simply as bot/1.0, appeared on our main Business Center page beginning 5 May 2006 from IP, which belongs to — surprise, surprise — Microsoft (China) Co. Ltd. Never saw that one coming! Who would suspect that a crawler displaying no identification emanating from Beijing, China, would belong to Microsoft? (Well, on second thought ....) Haven't seen this bot in several months, though.

MORE ....

The second cousin to this crawler identifies itself in greater detail, yet just as ambiguously, as bot/1.0 (bot; http://; Are we lacking in imagination here? This bot has been spidering portions of our site fairly often since its first appearance on 12 December 2006. It consistently uses IP, which belongs to an IP block assigned to Charter Communications.

These bots are not related, but it doesn't matter; we block both of 'em. Our philosophy is: If you can't (or won't) identify yourself properly, you are likely up to no good. There are too many bad guys out there to take the chance. So, until these bots properly identify themselves (domain name and either a valid email address or a web page describing their purpose), they will remain blocked. If you are a webmaster, we recommend that you block them too.

Posted by: The Spidermaster on Jan 20, 07 | 1:30 am | Profile

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