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Bot Watch - IP Address Block

We have blocked IP address range - because we believe it is being used by a highly aggressive spammer or malicious agent.

We first noticed suspicious activity on 27 April when inspection of our server logs revealed IP using the POST method on multiple directories of our website, apparently in an attempt to gain access to unprotected web forms through which they could spam. I reported this to our hosting service; they blocked the offending IP address.

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On 29 April we observed this agent again attempting to gain illegitimate access to our website, this time using IP address in persistent attempts to POST to our blog. As of today we are observing the agent engaging in both of the above techniques using IP address, often on an hourly basis.

The RIPE Whois Database identifies the address block through as belonging to NetcatHosting in the Ukraine. Since some non-U.S. hosting services are known to actively support spammers, we have not contacted this hosting service with an abuse complaint. We have blocked the IP range on our website and have requested that our hosting service block the IP on their servers. Filing of a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is under active consideration.

If you are a webmaster, I urge you to take proactive steps to block this highly suspicious, persistent and aggressive agent from your websites and servers. You should also ensure that your directories are properly protected and that individuals and agents cannot POST to your blog without proper registration and comment screening.

The Ten Spider Enterprises website is an information metasite encompassing ten broad theme sets. Established in February of 2003, it now comprises over 390 pages of manually-edited information and resource links. It is open for all to read, but we will aggressively defend our turf by blocking downloaders, strippers, spammers, unknown bots and other suspicious user agents as well as by prosecuting copyright violators under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCA).

If you have a legitimate reason for accessing our website through anything other than a conventional browser, you should be willing to define your access method in your user agent string, identify your website and, on your website, provide a description of your agent (bot), its purpose and its behaviors. Failing to do this will most likely get you banned from our site, and may result in further punitive actions depending upon the nature of the infraction.

Posted by: The Spidermaster on May 09, 06 | 5:45 pm | Profile

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