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More Known Trackback Spammers

Since I began utilizing the blacklist feature in my blogging software, I've been having little difficulty with trackback spammers. As quickly as they appear, I zap 'em! If you are having a similar problem, check your blogging software or features that your blog service offers to see whether you can do the same.

I'm offering an update to the blacklist of trackback spammers I provided on 13 May 2007. New entries are highlighted in bold.


When adding the above to your own blacklist, substitute a dot (".") for each underscore. I used underscores because I do not want these showing up as active URLs in this post, which is a follow-on to Known Trackback Spammers and Trackback Spam - A New Battleground for Bloggers.

The first three domains on this updated blacklist all utilize the same registrar, ESTDOMAINS, INC. The registrant has cloaked themselves through Privacy Protect (a company which may or may not operate out of Wellington, New Zealand) so that they can prey upon unsuspecting webmasters with impunity. This represents one more case of anonymity on the Web being used by criminals to shield themselves from discovery.

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Posted by: The Spidermaster on May 22, 07 | 12:40 pm | Profile


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