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Trackback Spam - A New Battleground for Bloggers

Trackback spam is a relatively new form of spam being employed by nefarious individuals who refuse to work honestly for a living.

I began this post early this morning in response to my recent experience with trackback spam. The post grew larger and more robust until I realized that what I was writing required its own dedicated web page and that I did, in fact, have sufficient material to create one. I set aside the blog post until I was able to deploy the new page, Trackback & Trackback Spam, on which I explain a bit about trackback, trackback spam and IP banning, a method which offers limited control of trackback spam as well as other website intrusions.

I first heard about trackback spam a few days ago. (I can’t recall the source.) Yesterday I decided to check our blogs to see whether we had experienced this problem. Imagine my surprise when I discovered hundreds of trackback spam links, every last one related to buying drugs over the internet. It took me over an hour to rid the blogs of this mess.

I put forth a considerable effort on an ongoing basis to keep both our websites and our blogs free of spam and other unwanted trash. As part of the cleanup of this newly-identified trackback spam, I examined some domains and IP addresses. Two of these, (IP and (IP, came up repeatedly and appear to originate from Newhall, California. A third, (IP, is a Russian site. The close proximity of these three IP addresses could not, in my opinion, be explained as coincidence. Curious, I performed a reverse DNS lookup (IP Whois) on IP and discovered Cernel, Inc., based in Santa Clarita, California, which controls an IP block from through A bit more research turned up a rather interesting blog post from 11 October 2006 relating to Cernel. In my ongoing quest to clean up spam, I'll be keeping my eye on this one. The three IP addresses related to the trackback spam have been banned in both of our blogs.

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Posted by: The Spidermaster on Mar 24, 07 | 12:30 am | Profile


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