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June 2006 Online Archives

Sat Jun 03, 2006

EDITORIAL:  The Future of Affiliate Marketing

The editorial below focuses upon affiliate marketing and pay-for-performance advertising.

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On Affiliate Program Management

If a merchant chooses to launch an affiliate program (thereby becoming an affiliate sponsor), that merchant assumes the obligation to take care of its affiliate members (publishers). It is, after all, the publishers who assist the merchant by bringing traffic (visitors or leads) to the merchant's website. An affiliate program manager (such as Commission Junction, LinkShare™ or Google™ AdSense, responsible for managing multiple merchant and publisher accounts) has an additional obligation to its member merchants (advertisers). While, in theory, pay-for-performance is a sound and promising advertising method, in practice it often becomes more bother than it's worth from both merchant and publisher perspectives. For the aggressive merchant, significant time must be spent updating creative content. For the publisher, significant time must be spent adding and deleting content from web pages as well as in deciding what content to install and where to do it. IT IS THE DUTY OF THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM MANAGER TO MAKE THIS TASK EASIER FOR BOTH MERCHANT AND PUBLISHER. More ....

Posted by: The Spidermaster on Jun 03, 06 | 4:00 am | Profile

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