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Ten Spider Business Blog Online Archives

March 2006 Online Archives

Thu Mar 16, 2006

Bot Watch - Recently-Detected Web Spiders & Bots

We've detected a previously unobserved bot on our websites recently which exhibits what we consider bad behavior.

MVAClient -- This bot provides no identification. We could find little info about it, although it does appear in the access logs of numerous websites. It has apparently been around since at least 2 July of 2005 according to a post on the Webmaster World forum. This bot hit our Ten Spider Enterprises home page this morning at 5:31 AM EST, then hit our Business Center page within the same minute. The bot arrived using IPs, and (in that order) which all appear to belong to IP blocks owned by CHTD, Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. in Taipei, Taiwan (source: APNIC).

The facts that this bot does not identify itself and rapidly rotates IP addresses makes its behavior suspicious. We have blocked this bot.

Posted by: The Spidermaster on Mar 16, 06 | 3:30 pm | Profile

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