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Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate marketing is a pay-for-performance marketing vehicle. It can reap great benefits, but it is essential that you work hard and learn the techniques that lead to successful affiliate marketing. You must always remember that, as an affiliate member, you are subordinate to your affiliate program manager. Ask yourself who writes the affiliate agreement. Is it you or the affiliate manager? The answer is obvious; so should be the conclusion.

Affiliate program managers are merchants and marketers. While some are more benevolent than others, they are out there to make a buck, just like you. Don’t kid yourself; in nearly every case in which a dispute arises, you will lose! This is not because affiliate program managers are deceitful or greedy. Affiliate managers are responsible for large pools of affiliate members. They cannot afford to make exceptions because an affiliate did not read or understand a contract. So carefully read and insure that you fully understand your affiliate agreements! If you have a question, fire off an email to the manager. If you don’t like the answer (or don’t get one), you may want to seek another similar affiliate program for sponsorship. We have turned away from affiliate programs simply because we did not like an individual phrase or paragraph within an affiliate agreement.

Now the opposite side of the coin. We have yet to see an affiliate agreement in which all rights and benefits accrue to the manager and none to the member. This is because the entire reason why merchants and marketers create affiliate programs is to recruit others (such as yourself) who are motivated to promote or sell their product or service. They want and need your help! If members have no motivation to perform, the affiliate program dies and its manager must resort to more costly methods of advertising and customer acquisition. So you see, you do have power after all. Bottom line — if a mistake occurs and it is yours, you must eat it; if it is the manager’s mistake, they should fix it. There is a great deal of competition for each online customer today; as a result, affiliate programs have sprung up like spring flowers. If you do not like the terms offered by an affiliate marketer, look for a similar affiliate program. Do not hitch yourself to a single wagon unless it is a truly promising one.

Always remember that your affiliate career is your responsibility. Your career goal should be to build the best home based business you can. You accomplish your career goal by being diligent, paying attention to detail, working with upline members to keep informed and to gain affiliate marketing experience, and working closely with downline members you sponsor to help them build their own businesses.

We have identified sources we believe offer excellent advice on how to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with affiliate marketing as it exists today. Both novice and established affiliates can gain valuable insights by taking a few moments to read these authors, who speak with the voice of experience. If affiliate marketing is to be the wave of the future, the wave is just beginning to form. Knowing how to surf the wave can lead to a rewarding and financially secure future.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published 22 May 2003, updated 28 April 2005.

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