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Starting and maintaining a small business can be a daunting task. Those entrepreneurs who choose to accept this challenge exhibit no small measure of courage. But to be successful — to stay in business — you need more than courage. You need a combination of hard work, perseverance, business savvy, and access to relevant information and resources whenever the need arises.

Our Business Center provides tools for small business proprietors and entrepreneurs seeking to start a small business. We have amassed a collection of resources and services that should be included in any entrepreneur’s arsenal. Here you will find resources to help start your business, finance it, make it grow, manage your own resources and maintain a safe environment for your employees. It is an ongoing project. This means that each time you visit our site, you can expect to find more resources that meet your needs. The Business Center is broken into categories, each described below, to reduce the time you spend searching. When you’re in a hurry, use the Local SiteMap button above to go directly to our Business Center SiteMap.

Business Law

The heart of Capitalism comprises two basic principles:  Supply and Demand and Contractual Agreement. A business transaction occurs when Contractual Agreement is successfully employed to address a Supply and Demand issue; legal tender is a mechanism utilized to expedite a business transaction. An implicit business contract may be as simple as money and goods changing hands — such as a purchase performed at a local shop or department store — an explicit business contract may be as simple as a handshake on an agreement for one individual to perform a service in exchange for compensation by another.

Ah, but were the world always so simple! Business Law has evolved because 1) things are not always simple, 2) a transaction is not always successful, i.e., disagreements arise, 3) not everyone is honest, 4) circumstances external to a business transaction may create “no fault” scenarios that demand resolution and 5) the terms “fair practice” and “fair value” have different meanings to different people, making it necessary to formulate rules of conduct. “The Law” is a set of rules and codes of conduct governing societal behavior; Business Law is the subset of these rules and codes that apply to business transactions.

Our Business Law section identifies areas of business requiring legal expertise and provides resources you can use both to become better informed and to accomplish those legal transactions necessary for the operational success of your business. Business Law listings in other sections of the Business Center such as Starting a Business and Business Performance Management reference the Business Law section.

Business Opportunities

This section provides insight into some of the many business opportunities that abound today, with emphasis on those available on the worldwide web such as Affiliate Programs. It provides recommendations for where to look, what to look for — and look out for — when contemplating startup of a new business, and how to prepare yourself for the leap into the business world.

Starting a Business

This section is packed with tools to help you get going once your entrepreneurial juices have begun to flow. Startup is the most difficult aspect of building a business; there are many tasks to be performed, often few resources with which to accomplish them, and the entrepreneur does not yet have the benefit of being business savvy. We’ve endeavored to make this process easier for you by providing a raft of resources you can use as you embark on your new career as a business proprietor.

Business Financing

Business Performance Management

It is our view that, second only to Startup, Business Performance Management is the most difficult task confronting a small business owner. This is where a thriving business can suddenly find itself crushed under the weight of too much success. Customer support and customer relations can suffer when proper care is not given to the every day aspects of running your business and fine-tuning business operations. We provide an extensive resource base for your conduct of day-to-day business operations and business performance management.

Growing Your Business

You’ve gotten your business going; now how do you get it growing? Here we provide tips, hints, techniques and resources that will help make your business profitable and help you maintain that competitive edge.

Home Based Business

For many people, the first foray into the business world begins at home. A very low-risk way for you to begin a home based business is as a part-time job while you continue to work as a paid employee at your regular job. This is important, as a study by the Direct Selling Association suggests that as many as eight out of ten home based businesses fail. By utilizing the small business resources Ten Spider Enterprises puts at your disposal, you can greatly improve your odds of creating a successful home based business.

Internet Business & eCommerce

Doing business on the internet has its own set of advantages. Your overhead is low, you don’t need a storefront; in fact, all you need is a computer, right? Well ... not quite. And don’t forget, you’re competing against all those other entrepreneurs out there who have the same idea about the ease of doing internet business, as well as large companies with high-powered advertising agencies. Suddenly not looking so great, huh? You’ve discovered that internet business also has some disadvantages. But don’t be discouraged! Let us help. Ours is predominantly an internet business; we will help you negotiate the obstacles encountered while motoring on the information superhighway.

Business to Business

While the Business Center is primarily devoted to Small Business and Home Based Business, we endeavor to provide resources and information to those who choose to think large and may wish to engage in larger-scale business to business operations. At the same time, larger companies may choose to utilize our site as a quick and convenient vehicle for locating resources required right away or in relatively small quantities. The latter can most likely be found by visiting our Business Performance Management section. Our Business Trends page includes links to news articles and other information we consider to be of interest to the business community at large.

International Trade

We are part of a global community. Tremendous opportunity exists for international trade. Even small business owners can now participate in this arena. If you are just starting out, you can do this easily through some of our Affiliate Programs. However, if you have a product you would like to market overseas, or if you see opportunity in a business such as import/export, you will need to obtain more in-depth knowledge about international trade.

Minority Business

There are distinct advantages to owning a minority business, not the least of which is being able to gain access to Federal grants and preferential contract bidding.

Non-Profit Organizations

Running a non-profit organization is very different from running a for-profit business. The rules and regulations for U.S. non-profits are strict, both at the state and Federal levels. You must be aware of the laws governing non-profit, not-for-profit and tax-exempt charities before embarking on such an undertaking. Furthermore, since non-profit organizations typically depend on donations for operating expenses, management and staffing issues are often quite different than in a for-profit business.

Authored by Kenneth L. Anderson.  Original article published prior to 13 April 2003, updated 23 January 2006.


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